Thankyou from the bottom of our Hearts 

We wanted to share our exciting news with you that our little Harrison arrived safe and sound on the 12th June at 9:06am weighing a tiny 6lb 2oz.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us be your first Hypnobirthing parents as what we learnt made the bumps in the road much easier to manage.

 We had a dream pregnancy and were preparing for a natural delivery when we found out that Bub was Breech with the cord around his neck. This took a natural birth off the table. At first I was upset and angry but with what hypnobirthing taught us we were able to still make our own choices about what we wanted our cesarean birth to be like.

The morning of the birth arrived and we got to the hospital and were so relaxed. We were so excited to be meeting our baby soon. They took me in for the spinal anaesthetic which didn’t go to plan. I could still move my legs. The Dr’s and anaesthetist were rushing around trying to workout what to do which normally would have set off a panic attack for me. But I started the breathing techniques and was able to remain calm and focus on our baby the whole time. The doctors gave me a second spinal anaesthetic and minutes later our baby boy was in mine and my husbands arms.

 My husband was still able to cut the cord like we had wanted in the birth plan and as soon as I was stitched up and moved into recovery I had immediate skin to skin and first breast feed.

Without hypnobirthing I doubt we could have overcame all these challenges in the last few weeks and still had the birth we wanted.

You are amazing and we cannot thank you enough.

All our love


| B I R T H S T O R Y |

Beautiful Baby James was born just before Christmas; 9/12/2018 👶🤰💃

' I’m so glad I did your course because I was able to stay calm.
Things got turned up pretty quickly and I was having regular contractions that didn’t progress much over the next few hours, the acupressure really helped. I then got in the bath and had a shot of morphine as the midwife thought I’d progress better being more relaxed and it’s really did the trick, I dilated to 9.5cm in 4hours.
At 12:31am James was born a huge 4.070kg very securely lodged in my pelvis, he still has the dimples in his head. 
Everything that I didn’t want to happen with my birth did happen and I’m so surprised at how calm I dealt with everything which I credit to doing your course. The midwife was very impressed with how calm and relaxed both Hamilton and I were for the 16 hours on the drip and thought I didn’t look like someone who was 9cm dilated. 
I didn’t feel out of control because you covered so much and the meditations really do work when you’ve practised them. '


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