Hypnobirthing Tamworth

Hypnobirthing Tamworth uses the teaching syllabus from Hypnobirthing Australia™. It is a complete childbirth education programme that will help you replace fear of birthing with the ability to birth in the calm, gentle, peaceful and confident way, no matter what turn your birth takes.
Birth is meant to be an amazing, positive experience, because nature wants you to do it again and again!
My Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes will give you the knowledge confidence and tools to work together as a team and get the birth you want.
Hypnobirthing Australia™. explains the process of birth and will train you to work with your birthing body. It will also teach you specific breathing techniques for an easier and gentler birth. All the techniques you learn are aimed at helping you achieve a deep state of relaxation which reduces the release of stress hormones and enables your body to release it’s own natural relaxant; endorphins, making your birth the calm, positive experience it is meant to be for you and your baby.