I was quite fearful of birth.. As time was ticking and things were getting closer I realised i needed to do something to prepare my mind and my body for what was about to happen.

This is when i was introduced to Hypnobirthing Australia's Course. I was guided by a friend in Perth. I couldn't believe that my closest Certified Practitioner was 4 hours from Tamworth!! ( I had not been introduced to the online option at this time)

My babies estimated due date got closer and closer, i was reading affirmations daily, listening to MP3 tracks all day, exercising and really enjoying my final days of pregnancy. 

I was almost 42 weeks when it became time to be induced and birth my baby. Hypnobirthing techniques were in full swing!

After an amazing calm labour and birth I had a baby boy and honestly felt incredible after! 

Once I was home settling into motherhood I told a lot of people i 'hypnobirthed' - most people had not even heard of it!!

I knew I needed to become certified and offer this amazing child birth education to rural areas.

I did not have the support of a practitioner when I birthed and now after the birth and learning the course I realise there was so much I didn't learn or no that I can now teach mums to be!

My birth partner was so supportive with all the techniques from the course and this is invaluable on your birthing day.

This course is for anyone expecting a baby, even if it is baby number 5 or a cesarean, we have a course for you! Your calm birth is possible. 


"I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing takes"

Sarah Jordison